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Finding Good Library Production Music

When you’re looking for great music for your video production, you have a few options. First, you can pick your favorite songs off the radio, then pay thousands of dollars to license them, and pay more in royalties every time you post your video somewhere new. Second, you can hire some studio musicians for thousands of dollars, but first you’ll want to look up studio production so you know how to guide them to create the sort of music you want, and then you’ll still be paying for royalties for each new post of the video. Lastly, you can buy library production music for a fraction of what those other sources of music would cost you.

Well, there’s also the matter of music that’s fallen into the public domain, but first of all, the five or ten blues and soul songs that actually are in the public domain only work in so many contexts, and secondly, the copyright issues there are a little murky. For example, many people think that blues legend Robert Johnson is in the public domain, and many people have been sued by the actual copyright holders for thinking that. When the Levee Breaks is a famous example of this sort of issue. When Led Zeppelin recorded the song, they thought the original blues number was in the public domain… Not the case. They had to fight that one out in a highly public lawsuit.

Here’s how to find good library production music:

Google it

And follow the leads to a library music provider or two. There are thousands of talented musicians out there looking to provide cheap music for your project for nothing but a small fee up front. No royalties, no nothing. Just buy the song, and you’re in the clear to use it wherever you want, however you want, however many times you want.

Listen to it

These sites typically provide samples of their music, and of course, with so many musicians out there offering their skills, you don’t want to buy one sight unseen… Er, sound unheard. Listen to some samples and make sure that the music is good, well produced, and that it works for your project.

Keep an Open Mind

You might find exactly the kind of music you had in mind, like a hard rock song for an action scene, or just some nice background noise for a commercial, but you should keep an open mind. Watch a Quentin Tarantino movie and note how the director uses music. He often uses a song that seems like it wouldn’t fit, but it winds up really improving the scene. So try watching a clip from your video while playing each of the songs available and see which one achieves the best effect.

Know How Music Software Can Be Used By Creative Composers

If you are a musician, you will be aware that your performance is an important factor that determines your success. When you are performing in front of an audience, you need to keep everyone engaged deeply. Your personal style and composition becomes very crucial at this point whether you prefer classical music, jazz or popular “pop” music.

Do you ever wonder why most popular music artists are welcomed with open arms wherever they go? This is because their fans are never disappointed with their performance, spirit and quality. Now thanks to a number of music software available these days, you can also keep your fans and audience entertained throughout your performance.

You can use the latest technology including software, samplers, processor, music equipment and sound system to improve your performance. Most accomplished and creative composers use software to control their live performance by filtering and sequencing the musical tracks. The use of software also allows electronic musical instruments to be included in live performances with ease.

Traditional instruments are also made to sound different with the technology used in this software. This aspect is a popular feature of compositions that are presented as DJ mixed sound tracks. Most of the software used for DJ mixing can recognize the beats automatically. You can then synchronize your track perfectly with no distortion.

If various sounds excite you to create music, you can do it easily by using composer software, that too on your personal computer. You don’t need to be an experienced musician, composer or engineer to start using this software. Even if you want to pursue music as a hobby, you can create soundtracks with your innovative skills quite easily with software designed to produce music.

You can use this software to relate your performance with different art forms. Some software allows you to use still images, graphics, animations and movie clips to give an extra feel to your soundtracks and music performance. The bulk of software in the market encourages all creative musicians to think of new ways to present their work.

There are no definite rules to make your performance standout on every occasion. You need to put lots of effort and hard work to ensure that your audience is entertained and appreciates your composition. Remember good music will never disappoint you if you want to become successful.

Your creative potential can be perfectly complemented with quality software to create an inspiring soundtrack.